· Sound field visualization using MR technology

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The goal of this project is to create an auditory virtual reality space where hearing is the main subject and visual effects are the expression. The auditory experience is a comprehensive spatial perception relative to the listener, and this project hopes to examine the relationship between the auditory subject and the auditory environment, to understand listening as a process of environmental exploration and construction, and to consider the auditory experience as a real-time construction of "reality".

Wearable devices & MR

Personal Work
(Jul - Dec 2022)

· Angel Chen Shanghai Spring 2022 Collection

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The process of throwing out the clay when the pottery machine is operating is very interesting. The mud spots leave different tracks on the maker’s body. This process takes advantage of the centrifugal force of the machine's rotation and automated the process of dyeing and creating prints, each output has so random patterns, just like a Polaroid camera.

Fashion & Textile

Group Work
(Jul - Oct 2021)
Role: Textile Designer


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This project designed stage art scenes for five chapters for the "Temperature of Time" program of the 2019 CCTV May Fourth Gala, including: the Forbidden City Museum, Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Painting, Blue and White Porcelain Fashion Show, Terracotta Warriors of the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum, and a Panoramic View of the Forbidden City.

Stage Design & Illustration

Group Work
(Jan - May 2019)
Role: Illustrator