Personal work

Biodesign, Future material,
Cross-species messaging

Laser cutting, 3D printing, Automation

While working at angelchen studio, I take charge of the fabric development for the series of new season.

At that time, using traditional design methods seemed to have bottlenecked me, When I was making pottery, I suddenly found the process of throwing out the clay when the pottery machine is operating very interesting. The mud spots leaving different tracks on my body look like an interesting pattern. and I found the studio had a discarded pottery machine, so I modified the tool with an artist.

This process takes advantage of the centrifugal force of the machine's rotation, and automated the process of dyeing and creating prints, but each output has so random patterns, just like a Polaroid camera.

All of the fabrics I ended up designing were used in this season's dance-formatted runway, where dancers ran around a circular field, which I thought was a more subtle way of combining a part of traditional Chinese ceramics with clothing design, creating some breakthroughs in the ethnic culture of clothing