Personal work

New material, Traditional chinese culture,
Paper lantern art

Traditional lantern technique,
Hand rice paper making, 3D tailoring

This project focuses on the re-creation of traditional Chinese cultural elements in clothing.

Taking Han Chinese as an example, the designer started with Han Chinese lanterns and created a non-woven faux leather fabric based on the traditional Chinese writing material Xuan paper (vegetable fiber). This research transforms the disadvantage of paper's fragility into the advantage of being flexible, durable and easy to sew. By changing the vegetable fiber composition of Xuan paper and the thickness of Xuan paper itself to control the flexibility of the fabric, it increases the different application scenarios of Xuan paper fabric.

At the same time, the designer also tries to explore the cultural and national colors behind the clothing. The designer combines the pattern design with the elements of Chinese painting, blending the pattern and color of Chinese painting with the garment, trying to extract and create an experimental interpretation from the traditional Han elements, which is an exploration of Chinese traditional culture and new materials at the same time.

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